Easy Home Global Management Limited. (EHG) started its operations in 2019, with a direct foreign secure investment capital of HKD$200 million. EHG is pioneering Thailand home loan market to foreign investor from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Mainland china. we provide the best financial advisory and services that no other local banks or financial institutes can do.

All EHG staffs are professionally trained as financial advisers and they are native speakers in English and Chinese. our contracts and agreements are written in English with Chinese translation provided, to ensure fairness and transparency to our valuable clients. 


EHG is the market leader of financing for foreigners who wish to buy property in Thailand. EHG grants both short term and long terms loans of up to 10 years for clients who require additional cash flow with liquidated collateral,regardless of the size, including condominium, service apartments and lands. property in prime areas of the bangkok Metropolitan Region is our main consideration as large population of 15 million people and scare land of 1,568.7 square kilometers only.