Yes, as long as his qualifications and conduct are in accordance with the regulations in The 1979 Condominium Act with The Revisions made in 2008.

In Thailand, a Freehold condominium is one a foreigner can completely own and a Leasehold condominium is one a foreigner can only own as a lessee.

The request for a condo loan in Thailand ought to be possible and easy whenever contacting to Easy Home Global. Our staffs are native English, Chinese and Thai speakers welcome to provide recommendations and prompt service.

EHG grants condo loan with the following criteria :

  • Freehold condominium located in The Bangkok Metropolitan region and tourist attracting provinces such as Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and etc. where located at downtown, adjacent to community with accessible transportation.
  • Nice scenery and well maintained.

The Bangkok Property list of EHG is the condo name list that EHG has already approved and accepted as collateral. For borrowers requesting to buy or loan said condos, the borrower can expected shorter waiting time and approval. Other required documents can be submitted afterwards and just wait for the final approval then disburse loan.

  • Practically, EHG shall grant the loan size of up to 50% of appraisal value from a third-party appraisal company (ChinaKey Global) which does not have any conflict of interest.
  • Terms & Conditions are stated in detail in our┬áBrochure and Agreement.
  • Chinese, Hong Kong and Singapore nationality only.
  • Age up to 70 years.
  • Permanent residence and employment in Thailand are not required.

Within 1 month (after received the appraisal report and fulfill all required documents)

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